Live Live Live…

Our tour starts today in Kiel…we like!

New Song – New Video!

Beatsteaks Feat. Deichkind “L auf der Stirn”

(Danger, it’s a german Song)


New Video


17.8.2017, 18:00 Uhr, new video in town…

Stephen Street, Producer

Stephen Street (on the photo left, the young man right is a singer of a band) produced amongst other things the Babyshambles, Blur, Catatonia, Graham Coxon, Kaiser Chiefs, Morrissey,The Pretenders, Suede and The Smiths.

And now some BS tracks on YOURS.

It’s more than great.



Moses Schneider

Moses Scneider produced some Songs on YOURS.

We’re happy about it.


The Krauts

Berlin producer dudes The Krauts produced some songs on YOURS.

Nice one!